Chaos Engineering In Kubernetes

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If you’re new to Chaos Engineering then I strongly encourage you to take a look at priciples of chaoes engineering dedicated page.

TL;DR: Chaos engineering lets you simulatate real-world (failure) events during development cycle of your application so you can prepare before they happen in production. You might think that Chaos Engineering during Kubernetes are changed much, but it has not. Below I have listed few tools I’d recommend to try out if you’re interrested into implementing Chaos Engineering into your pipelines.

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  • Powerfulseal - AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes
  • Litmus - effectivly a kubernetes operator with a hub of example experiments
  • Chaostoolkit - good, old, classic chaostoolkit framework

If you’d rather use chaos-engineering-as-a-service than setup it by yourself Gremlin looks interesting (NOTE: this is not sponsored recommendation).